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The removal of teeth is a tooth extraction. It is a common dental practice to remove impacted teeth. This is often done to prevent more serious health problems, such as nerve damage, infection and cysts in the jaw.

Tooth extraction is a minor surgical procedure in which a tooth is removed from the socket. It is usually done when saving the involved tooth is not possible. Dental Extractions in Noida is  indicated when the tooth is decayed beyond repair, cracked, or any other irreversible damage that can’t be repaired is done.

At Renew Dental, Noida, we have a team of specialists available to carry out the procedures painlessly. We prioritize your safety and ensure that all the international standards of sterilization protocols are being followed. 

Tooth extractions are the most feared dental procedure amongst people, and we ensure that you have an experience like never before.

When do you need wisdom tooth extraction?

Wisdom teeth are the last molars to erupt at the four corners of the mouth at around 17 to 23 yrs. Sometimes due to a lack of space in the jawbones, these teeth do not erupt and remain impacted in the bone itself.

Some common reasons to get the wisdom teeth extraction done are –

  • Food lodgement behind the molars
  • Gum infection
  • Swelling of soft tissue over that area
  • Formation of a cyst or a fluid-filled cavity 
  • Wrong angulation of the erupting molar causing damage to the other teeth
  • Recurrent pain and swelling 
  • Sinus infection or any space infection due to wisdom tooth involvement

How is tooth extraction different from wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction is different from a standard tooth extraction because it is a surgical procedure and may involve cutting the bone. Wisdom tooth extraction requires more time than a regular tooth extraction.

The recovery time will also be a little longer in case of wisdom tooth removal than a standard tooth extraction. The General practitioners do regular tooth extractions; however, it is suggested that the specialists carry out wisdom tooth extractions.

At Renew Dental, we have a team of specialists trained to carry out any kind of wisdom tooth extractions.

How do you prepare for tooth extraction? Dental Extractions in Noida

  • Do not go empty stomach for your extraction.
  • In case of wisdom tooth extraction, get someone along to drive you back home.
  • If there is any medical history, always tell your doctor about the condition.
  • If you are taking any medications, it should be reported to your dentist
  • If you are asthmatic always carry your inhaler with you
  • Always listen to the post-extraction instructions carefully and follow them diligently.

Aftercare of the tooth extraction: Dental Extractions in Noida

Aftercare of the dental extraction in Noida is crucial as it directly affects the healing time and recovery post-extraction. 

  • After the extraction is done, your dentist will pack gauze in the socket area. You can remove it with clean hands after an hour.
  • Do not chew from the side of the extraction for a couple of days
  • Do not spit for 24hrs after the surgery
  • Minor oozing of the blood from the extraction site is normal and nothing to worry about
  • Take all the medications prescribed to avoid any post-surgical complications.
  • Avoid taking any hard food items and hot beverages for a couple of days
  • Do not brush on the day of surgery and start warm saline rinses after 24hrs of the surgery.
  • Do ice pack compressions from outside on the face to avoid swelling
  • Do not drink and smoke for a week and report to your dentist after a week for follow-up.

Is the procedure painful?

All kinds of extractions are done under the effect of anesthesia so that you do not feel any pain. Post extraction pain killers are given so that there is no pain when the anesthesia weans off.

You might feel pressure when the tooth is being pulled off from the socket entirely, but you will not feel any pain as the area is numb. If you experience the slightest discomfort, we at Renew Dental encourage people to stop the operating doctor to address the issue well immediately.

How much does the tooth extraction cost?

The cost of any tooth extraction is based on the case’s complexity and severity. Due to less difficulty, regular tooth extractions are more affordable than a wisdom tooth extraction.

We suggest you visit us to get a thorough dental examination and radiographic analysis done to evaluate your case better.

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