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Professional teeth whitening is a procedure that uses bleaching agents to remove stains from the teeth. Depending on the severity of the stains, the treatment may require more than one whitening session. While whitening treatments are more affordable than they have ever been, finding a good dentist will ensure you get the best results possible.

A sparkling smile gives you confidence and improves your aesthetics.  Do not let Teeth discoloration tone down the sparkle in your smile. If you are looking for teeth whitening or teeth bleach procedures in Noida, then Renew dental is the perfect place to get the treatment done.

What is teeth whitening: Teeth whitening in Noida

Teeth whitening is a procedure that involves the removal of stains from the tooth surface. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that lightens the shade of your teeth. At renew dental, Noida, we make sure that all the procedures are incredibly painless to provide you with an experience like never before.

We have a skilled team of cosmetic dentists who are proficient at doing all the aesthetic dental procedures with ease, at renew dental with all the latest technology and best quality material available the results for teeth whitening in noida are long-lasting.

Why do we need teeth whitening:Teeth Whitening in Noida

The outermost layer of our teeth is the Enamel which reflects the color of the teeth. Due to certain habits, the teeth become discolored giving a yellowish appearance. Teeth whitening in Noida is the process that becomes necessary to remove those stains helping you brighten your smile. 

There are multiple causes of teeth discoloration, some of which are preventable, and a few of them are out of our control. The most common causes of discoloration are-

  • Consuming an excess amount of tea, coffee, and other drinks like wine
  • Chewing tobacco
  • Smoking
  • High fluoride intake
  • Aging
  • Certain medications like tetracycline
  • Hereditary can also be another reason for staining

How does teeth whitening in Noida work

Before starting any teeth whitening procedure, our dentists at Renew dental, Noida, will thoroughly examine your case. The process of teeth bleach will only help you lighten the shade of your teeth; however, one should never forget that the results may vary from person to person.

The procedure begins with cleaning the teeth and applying hydrogen peroxide to your teeth, breaking the stain’s pigment by oxidation. The time duration varies with the intensity of the color and the procedure used to whiten the teeth.

Types of procedures: Teeth whitening in noida

There are broadly two teeth whitening procedures that help you achieve whiter teeth.

At home

In this type, our team will evaluate your case to find out if this whitening method is suitable for you. The at-home way is ideal for lighter stains, and patient compliance is a significant factor in its success.

Different gels, pastes, and tray systems are available for teeth whitening at home. Consult our team for more details.


This is a more efficient way of teeth whitening as it is done under the supervision of your dentist at the dental clinic. A more potent concentration of bleaching agent is used, and the application of heat or light enhances the effect.

The in-office technique gives faster and better results when compared with the at-home approach. With this method, the shade of your teeth can get 8-10 times lighter. At Renew Dental, Noida, we have been giving impeccable results with a single sitting of teeth whitening procedures.

Difference between teeth whitening and teeth cleaning

Teeth whitening in Noida is a cosmetic procedure that helps lighten your teeth’ shade. Whereas teeth cleaning is a regular process of removing the deposits from the teeth to maintain the health of the teeth and gums.

Teeth whitening is a procedure of individual choice as it is more concerned with aesthetics, whereas teeth cleaning is about maintaining oral health.

Aftercare of teeth whitening

Like any other dental procedure, teeth whitening also requires aftercare to maintain the results. The duration of effect majorly depends on how well you maintain the home routine that mainly consists of avoiding certain food items and habits.

List of items you need to avoid

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Smoking
  • Use of tobacco

Some facts about teeth whitening

  • Slight sensitivity after the procedure is normal and transient in nature
  • Everyones’s teeth are different, and the results also differ from person to person
  • Teeth whitening is a safe procedure and does not damage the teeth or any other structure in the mouth
  • Dental caps and veneers can’t be whitened. Speak to your dentist if you have a stained dental prosthesis.

For more details, contact us at Renew Dental, Noida, for a better evaluation of your case and to formulate a customized plan suitable for your condition.

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