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Toothache or tooth pain is a very painful experience and can be very frustrating. Many of us think that we have a tooth ache, but we will not be sure or it is a serious problem. This can end up as a bigger problem and can lead to damages to the teeth. Therefore, you should visit a dentist if you think that you have a toothache.

Root canal treatment in Noida is a procedure that involves the removal of the infected blood vessels and nerves of the teeth. There is a common notion amongst people that root canal treatment, popularly known as RCT, is a painful procedure that is not true.

Your teeth have blood vessels and nerves inside them called the pulp tissue. When decay spreads to the pulpal layer, the need for root canal treatment arises. The pulp gets damaged by the toxins produced by the invading bacteria. These bacteria further spread to the area around the tooth in the bone, leading to abscess formation if not timely treated.

At Renew dental, with a team of highly skilled RCT specialists and the latest technology available, we ensure that you get the best root canal treatment in Noida.

Signs that you need root canal treatment in Noida

You need to undergo a clinical check-up and a radiographic examination for proper treatment planning and evaluation of your candidature for root canal therapy. For the best root canal treatment in noida, the dentists at Renew dental clinic do a thorough check-up and use the latest digital methods to evaluate the offending tooth radiographically.

Some of the most common signs that indicate your tooth needs root canal treatment are

  • Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold food items
  • Swollen gums
  • Pain while chewing
  • Extensively decayed tooth
  • Discolored tooth
  • Cracked tooth

A root canal treatment in noida becomes essential when you want to preserve the tooth structure and use it for the function of chewing and speaking. Sometimes the tooth is asymptomatic but can be used to support a dental prosthesis like a dental bridge. Keeping a source of infection is not suggested, and RCT in noida is performed before planning further.

If left untreated, the pus from the tooth may spread into the bone and towards the face and cheeks. The tooth may become loose due to bone loss because of the spread of infection.

What to expect during the root canal treatment in Noida?

Depending on the level of difficulty and severity of the infection, the number of visits to a dental office varies from single to multiple visits. At renew dental Noida, we have a team of dentists specializing in doing root canal procedures regularly to provide you with an experience like never before.

The rct in noida begins after careful examination and radiographic analysis of the decay to formulate a customized treatment plan for a better prognosis. For the best root canal treatment in Noida, we at Renew dental make sure you have a painless procedure experience.

Steps of the root canal treatment

  • Your tooth will be numbed with local anesthesia.
  • The decay will be removed from the tooth after the tooth is completely numb.
  • After carefully cleaning the tooth’s pulp chamber, the pulp and the infection will be removed.
  • After a thorough cleaning and removing the source of infection, the tooth is filled with a biocompatible material with some medicaments to avoid reinfection.
  • After the root canal is completed, your dentist will advise the suitable restoration as per the condition of the remaining tooth structure.

What to expect after root canal treatment: Root Canal Treatment in Noida

Once the procedure is completed, the pain will not be there; however, you may feel some sensitivity in the treated tooth area. Your dentist will prescribe certain medications if your teeth were severely infected and there was pus formation before the root canal treatment.

It is advisable to avoid eating from the side where the treated tooth is present for the first few days after the procedure until you get permanent is essential to maintain oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly to avoid ant food accumulation.

Getting a permanent restoration over the treated tooth is a crucial step that prevents recontamination.

Time duration of procedure: RCT in Noida

The time duration mainly depends on the case’s complexity; however, you can expect a minimum of 40 mins to 1 hr sitting per session. The number of sessions also varies depending on the severity of the infection, and it can range from single sitting to multiple sittings for a single tooth procedure.

The anterior teeth are comparatively less time-consuming than the posterior teeth.

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