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Gingivitis most commonly referred to as “gums disease” is a widespread dental disorder. This disease affects the gums, which creates pain and discomfort in the mouth. Gingivitis may also cause aggressive tooth decay and bleeding. Some people do not even realize they have gingivitis as it is a painless condition.

Gums are the supporting structures of the teeth that prevent the ingress of harmful bacteria. Our mouth is full of bacteria, and the harmful bacterias are responsible for causing damage to the teeth and supporting structures. 

Studies have also shown that the bacteria found in gum diseases are linked to other systemic conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and chronic respiratory illnesses. It becomes quintessential to maintain oral health and stop the progression of gum problems to prevent these diseases.

At renew dental, Noida, we ensure that every person is given personalized care and all their doubts are addressed so that everyone can maintain proper oral hygiene to prevent gum diseases.

How do gum problems happen: Gums Treatment in Noida

The primary reason for gum problems is bad oral hygiene. Plaque accumulation occurs when the teeth are not cleaned properly, later calcifying to become calculus. This hard calculus irritates the gums and causes various gum problems.

Gum diseases occur in stages, and the first stage is called gingivitis, where the gums become swollen and red. In stage one, the gums are infected and bleed easily while brushing.

As the disease progresses towards the fibers of the supporting structure, it is called periodontitis, where the condition has gone beyond the level of the gums. The fibers that keep the teeth in place are affected.

As the disease progresses further, the bone gets affected, and we start seeing a loosening of the teeth in the socket. The person is not able to chew correctly in this stage. The normal color of gums is pink, and it tends to change due to gum problems.

Specific factors that affect the color and texture of the gums are-

  • Smoking
  • Tobacco chewing
  • Habits like mouth breathing
  • Malocclusion that does not allow proper cleaning

How do I know if I have a gum problem?

Common indications that you have gum problems are as follows-

  1. Bleeding- gums start bleeding on brushing and eating, and even the slightest pressure can cause blood to ooze.
  2. Swollen gums- gums become soft and swollen. 
  3. Bad breath- foul smell or halitosis is a common indication for getting professional cleaning of your teeth done.
  4. When the gum problem has advanced to supporting fibers, the teeth become loose.

If you notice any of these symptoms, please report to our team of experts at Renew Dental, Noida for a timely Gums Treatment in Noida.

Can gum problems be cured entirely?

Yes, of course, gum diseases can be cured entirely if reported timely. You have to report timely to the dental clinic when you first notice any symptoms. To prevent the disease, it is suggested to maintain good oral hygiene and get regular checkups done with your doctor.

At Renew Dental, we plan regular follow-up visits and timely professional cleaning of everyone so that the progression of the disease can be stopped.

Treatment options available for gum problems:  Gums treatment

Gum problems are treated as per the condition of the gums as there is no single treatment plan for all the conditions. There are two significant categories of Gums Treatment in Noida available-


This is the non-invasive type of treatment that includes scaling, deep cleaning, and root planning therapies. It mainly involves removing the deposits from the tooth surface.


They are the invasive type of procedures done for advanced gum diseases. Surgical treatment procedures mainly remove excessive gum tissues or cover the exposed bone.

Types of surgical treatments available: Gums Surgery


They are indicated for reshaping the gums and are used to treat gummy smiles and crown lengthening procedures.


They are the procedures done to remove the excess gum tissue and ease the pain. With the latest technology like lasers available at Renew Dental, we make sure that every procedure is painless.

Flap surgeries

They are the minor surgical procedures done in cases where there is recurrent food lodgement beneath the gum line. The team of gum specialists conducts the surgeries at Renew Dental, Noida for impeccable results.

Graft surgeries

Gum graft surgeries are done for gum recession. Blood plasma and periodontal packs are used for better healing and quick results.

Aftercare of gum surgeries: Gums Treatment in Noida

  • Avoid excessive physical activity for 24hrs after the surgery
  • Use an ice pack to reduce swelling on the face
  • Avoid hot, spicy, and hard food items
  • Take a soft diet for a couple of days after the procedure
  • Take all the medications as prescribed by your dentist
  • Avoid rigorous brushing; use mouthwash instead for 24hrs
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption for one week

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