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Dental implants are a great replacement for missing teeth. They look natural and beautiful and can last for years. However, there is much more to dental implants than meets the eye. Dental implants are a great investment for your dental health.

Replacing a missing tooth is not just about aesthetics. Having your teeth replaced in time with a prosthesis has many benefits for the other teeth and the overall function of the mouth. We at Renew Dental understand the importance of replacing the missing teeth and hence offer a permanent solution in the form of dental implants in Noida.

We have a dedicated, skilled team of dentists to offer the best dental implants in Noida. With the latest technology and best material available, we are available at your service to provide an experience like never before.

What are dental implants- Dental Implants in Noida

Dental implants in noida are small titanium pieces, a biocompatible material inserted directly into your jawbone. These titanium posts act as an artificial root over which a dental crown can be easily placed.

Best Dental implants noida restore the missing tooth and prevent the bone loss of the jawbones. Best dental implants replace the missing teeth and restore facial aesthetics. Implants are considered the best option to restore the missing teeth compared to other alternatives like dental bridges and removable prostheses.

Benefits of best dental implants noida

Prevents bone loss

With tooth loss, the jawbones also start losing their density and structure. Dental implants provide the necessary stimulation to prevent bone loss. This is the primary benefit of having best dental implants noida as the choice of restoration for replacing the tooth.

Mimics natural tooth

The best Dental implants mimic the natural tooth’s shape, size, and structure. At Renew Dental , Noida makes sure that nobody except you and us knows the difference between your implant and natural teeth. 

It helps in restoring the bite force

Titanium posts are placed into the jawbones and are anchored securely with a process called osseointegration. The best dental implants in noida help restore the bite force like no other prosthesis.

It prevents sagging of the face

Apart from chewing, the teeth offer support to your facial structures. With the loss of teeth, that support gets weakened, and you tend to look older with a sagging of the face. The dental implants offer a permanent solution to this by preventing the sagging of the face

Implants are easy to maintain

The dental implants are made of titanium and do not decay with time. Titanium is a biocompatible material that is entirely safe. The aftercare regime of dental implants is very simple and easy to perform.

Dentures versus dental implants

Dentures need adhesives to be seated properly

For optimum retention, dentures might need the use of adhesives. On the other hand, dental implants are directly placed into the jawbones and offer better retention and stability when compared to their counterparts.

Dentures might slip during speaking and eating

Removable dentures slipping out while eating or speaking can be embarrassing. Dental implants offer a permanent solution to this problem as it is a fixed alternative to replacing teeth. 

Biting force is less with dentures

Compared with dental implants, the biting force of the dentures is less, and it becomes difficult to chew on hard food items with dentures. Dental implants offer identical biting forces, making it easier to eat your favorite food items.

Dentures are not the permanent solution

Over time, the dentures tend to wear out and need replacement. With dental implants, once successfully integrated into the jawbones, they do not need any replacement. When taken care of well the best dental implants last a lifetime

Dentures interfere with regular tongue movements

Dentures tend to interfere with the movements of the tongue, whereas dental implants in noida do not pose any such problem. Taste perception is also compromised to a greater extent with regular dentures unlike implant-supported dentures.

How long do implants last- Dental Implants in Noida

There is no fixed number that can be predicted for the implant life. We at Renew dental Noida make sure that the best dental implants are placed by an excellent surgical technique to last a lifetime when maintained well.

Factors affecting the longevity

Many factors depict the life of a dental implant in Noida. Some of the essential elements that determine how long do the implants last are mentioned below:

  • Oral hygiene 
  • Location of the implant placement
  • Dietary habits
  • Smoking
  • Bone density 
  • Medical history

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