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Dental crowns and bridges are used to help reconstruct your teeth and save them from further damage. If you’re trying to decide on which type of restoration to go with, it can be hard to choose. So, we’ve put together a guide to help you make the right choice.

Dental crowns in Noida are custom-made coverings for a particular tooth, generally after a root canal procedure. Dental crowns protect the tooth from the forces exerted during chewing so that it doesn’t fracture. Dental crowns are necessary for the structural durability of the remaining tooth structure for a better prognosis of the concerned tooth.

At Renew Dental, Noida, we have a team of specialists trained to provide the best possible prosthesis using the latest technology. With modern art technology, we can replicate the natural tooth in terms of minute details and finishing.

Indications of dental crowns: Dental Crowns in Noida

Some of the most common indications of dental crowns in Noida are listed below-

  • Root canal treated tooth
  • Large filling
  • To preserve a broken tooth
  • Smile makeovers
  • To close the gaps between the teeth
  • To mask the discoloration of a tooth
  • Restore dental implants

How many sittings are required for a dental crown: Dental crowns in Noida

Usually, the fixation of the dental cap/ crown takes two sittings. The first sitting involves shaping the concerned tooth to make space for the dental crown. After the shaping and finishing of the tooth, an impression is taken, which is sent to the lab to fabricate the prosthesis.

In the second sitting, which is usually after 3 to 4 days of the first sitting, the fabricated dental cap or crown is cemented onto the tooth. At Renew Dental, Noida, we make sure that the best material is used to make the impressions to record every detail of your teeth. The finest dental labs in Delhi NCR do the fabrication of your prosthesis for an impeccable finish and comfort.

What are dental bridges?-Dental Bridge in Noida

Dental bridges are fixed prostheses used to replace single or multiple missing teeth. The dental bridge takes support from the adjacent teeth to replace the missing teeth. Dental bridges are a traditional way of replacing the missing teeth using a fixed prosthesis that usually lasts for 10-15 years.

Benefits of dental bridges: Dental Bridge in Noida

  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Improved speech
  • Better chewing power
  • Better distribution of the biting force
  • Fixed solution for replacing missing teeth
  • Affordable than dental implants

Types of dental crowns and bridges

Ceramic crowns

Also known as porcelain crowns, It is made up of aesthetic material that matches the natural teeth. Best suited for replacing front teeth. This is an excellent choice for esthetic concerns.

Porcelain fused to metal crowns

It comprises a base layer of metal with ceramic on top of it for aesthetic reasons. The metal provides the dental crown and bridge strength, whereas the ceramic coating gives a natural appearance.

The only drawback is that the ceramic coating can wear off with time, exposing the underlying metal. Traditionally used porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges is still the most affordable option of the three choices for dental crowns and bridges.

Zirconia crowns

The latest material used in dentistry is zirconia, which offers strength, durability, and esthetics. There is no underlying metal base in the zirconia variant of the dental crown and bridge, making it a more aesthetic choice for the prosthesis.

How long do dental crowns and bridges last

The lifespan of a dental crown or bridge depends on how well you maintain the prosthesis. Usually, the dental crowns and bridges last for 10-15 yrs when taken care of properly. At Renew Dental, we have a dedicated team of dentists who are there to guide you better on maintaining these prostheses so that they have a longer shelf life.

To take proper care of dental crowns and bridges, regular brushing and flossing are sufficient, along with a biannual visit to the dentist is recommended to keep a check on the health of your gums around the prosthesis.

What is the cost of dental crowns and bridges?

The cost of dental crowns and bridges depends on the number of missing teeth and the case’s complexity. It also varies with the type of material used to fabricate the prosthesis.

For more details, we suggest you visit us at Renew Dental for a complete dental evaluation and formulation of a customized plan for your case.

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